Lindvalls Kaffe is about willpower and passion. In the 1880’s the young Eric Lindvall leaves his home in the village Undenäs in search for work. He wanders north. In the small town of Tierp he falls in love with Josefina, a shoemaker’s daughter. They marry in 1891 and together they start trading and selling spices, tea and of course coffee. Eric and Josefina are very happy together, Their business is flourishing and six children are born. With a growing passion for coffee they decide to expand their business.

ERIC LINDVALL - Founder of Lindvalls Kaffe

ERIC LINDVALL - Founder of Lindvalls Kaffe

The family moves from Tierp to Uppsala. Where Kungsgatan Street meets Strandbogatan Street they find the perfect property right next to the railroad. Eric and Josefina will have their dreams come true and a new coffee business is being built up. The factory has been located in this exact position for five generations. The knowledge, craftsmanship and the lifelong love for coffee has been handed down through the generations and we are still producing world class coffee. You cannot learn how to become a Coffee Master. You become a Coffee Master when coffee is your life.


Our long experience has given us knowledge and clarity when taking care of raw coffee beans and their aromas in the best way possible. Many of the methods are to us obvious, yet so unique.


The coffee bean traders know our requirements. For generations we have been doing business together and they know that when it comes to high quality coffee, we never compromise. Our purchasers carefully choose the coffee beans: perfect taste, fragrance, color, shape, size and purity. To get the perfect cup of coffee, the ingredients are essential.

When it comes to perfect coffee we do not care about the costs and we never hurry. Our coffee is made slowly and thoroughly. The coffee beans need time to enhance the aroma and taste. High quality coffee is our concern, and it has been so for generations.


“When we created this coffee, we did not care about the costs. We simply wanted to find the finest green coffee beans” - Ulf Lindvall

A dark roasted coffee from 100 % Arabica beans, a hint of citrus from Kenya, Burundi and Ethiopia, the sourness from Colombia and the sweetness from Brazil.

Our search for the perfect coffee began in the fall of 2012. However, it has been going on since 1891. Could we really, after more than 120 years, create a brand new kind of coffee, a tastier kind of coffee? We were triggered by the idea and agreed on investing both time and money. Through the years we had come across commodities too good not to use and finally it was time to start something new. Naturally, we would use the best beans, mix, rust, smell, and taste. To help us, we invited Uppsala’s most experienced taste buds. This was going to become the best tasting coffee in the world. New Lindvalls Premium is made with passion and patience, but it is based on tradition.


We are proud of our ambassadors, and they find pride in the use of our products. Meet some of them here.



Markus Aujalay runs two establishments in Sweden: Winterviken in Gröndal, just outside Stockholm and Fjällpuben in Åre (together with Melker Andersson). Winterviken also offers a café, function rooms and conference facilities. Fjällpuben (“The Mountain Pub”) draws a different crowd, especially during high season. Markus Aujalay has chosen to serve Lindvalls coffee to his guests. Most importantly of all, because Lindvalls supply quality coffee. And secondly, Markus also comes form Uppsala, just like Lindvalls. The concept of the “small family business” is something that appeals strongly to him:

– “Lindvalls are very flexible and easy to deal with. Service is all important to me,” says Markus. “But above all, Lindvalls make really, really good coffee, and that’s the best reason of all to serve it to our guests.”



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